Freighting, service haulage

Asavinter which positions as a true partner of the requests of his customers. We take into account your requirements to suggest the best solution each time to you.
Asavinter carries out the freighting of partial batches to the truck complete, in grouping or live without passage to quay nor breaking bulk. We can transport your batches from 1 kg up to 25 Tons.

We transport your parcels in bulk, your lengths, your pallets like your machines industrialists.

We carry out freighting at the long distance as on the short distance, which we call haulage.

We mainly carry on our activities of haulage in Paris region, around the Havre, Lyon and Marseille.

Asavinter can also propose the transport of personal effects and reply but certainly give a solution to all of your various constraints like the provision of cover of protection or the presence of a truck with forage ladder to facilitate handling.

If you simply wish to have a price, you can join to us by e-mail or telephone.