ASAVINTER is a company of Transport agent 

ASAVINTER is a company of Transport agent created in 1993, composed of experts of the freighting, which developed because of to the confidence of its many customers, Forwarding agents and Industrialists.
Positioned right from the start on Import-export flows, we ensure transport at the beginning and bound for all the ports and airports EUROPEAN. Except for some rare exceptions, we also carry out transport on the whole of the national territory and European.

A 18 years experiment, a network structured and composed selected and controlled subcontractors are the guarantors of our competence.

Our will is to position us as a true partner, service provider, able to relieve you of the unit of your problems related to management of transport: respect of the costs, quality and the deadlines.

To answer the whole of your requirements, we implement of the processes of work answering your constraints as regards Quality. That enables us to follow you in your evolution and to position us as a true partner in the organization of your transport.