Our Expertise

in France and Europe, partial or complete batch, transport for your small parcels, freighting for your significant and bulky forwardings and in fast transport for all your urgencies to be delivered the same day.

We are able to answer least of your requirements by adapting the means of transport than we place at your disposal for the good realization of your forwardings: transport refrigerating, exceptional, truck crane…

We also offer you additional services like the realization of your documents of customs, the palletization of your parcels in bulk, potting out of container of your various forwardings…

Here essential qualities that we place at your disposal :

AVAILABILITY :We are reachable by telephone with an unique number, fax and e-mail of 8:30 to 19:00 and sometimes more for the follow-up of your sensitive files.

REACTIVITY :We commit ourselves answering you as soon as possible whatever your urgency. We know to set up the day before for the following day the majority of your transport in Europe and the totality of your transport in France without characteristic. We answer you the same day in the hour for the organization of your transport with removal.

RELIABILITY :More than 95% of our forwardings are held exactly as you wish it.
For the 5% remainder which are often independently of our will and often relates to shifts of schedules, we commit ourselves setting up the best possible communication to follow with you the course of operation and to inform you in real time.

FLEXIBILITY :We are conscious that on your side also there exist imponderable elements which sometimes oblige you to call into question of the data in the organization of your transport (change of address of delivery, change of schedules, cancellation of transport, setting on standby of forwardings,…) We implement the whole of our means to modify transport consequently.